The holidays are about more than just gifts. Take some time every day to connect with y0ur kids and build family traditions to treasure this year (and for years to come!), starting with these 40 ways to bond with your kids. 


  1. Make paper snowflakes together
  2. Play Q’s Race to the Top
  3. Deck the halls: Have your kids help hang holiday decorations
  4. Teach your kids to ice-skate
  5. Bake cookies together
  6. Go out for family dinner 
  7. Spend a lazy morning reading to your kids (or have them read to you if they can)
  8. Volunteer at an animal shelter (find kid-friendly options via VolunteerMatch)
  9. Sing to residents at a nursing home
  10. See a holiday-themed show
  11. Make up a story starring your kids
  12. Watch a Q Wunder episode together
  13. Let your kids make the family breakfast
  14. Help your kids wrap a gift
  15. Let your children pick out a gift for Toys for Tots
  16. Check out a holiday light show
  17. Help your children make holiday gifts
  18. Watch a favorite old holiday movie together
  19. Have a dance party to Q Wunder songs
  20. Make holiday cards
  21. Take turns listening to each other’s favorite holiday songs
  22. Visit long-lost friends or relatives
  23. Make up a family skit or puppet show
  24. Help your kids make the holiday table centerpiece, gathering pine cones from the backyard, apples from the fridge, etc.
  25. Pay it forward at a toll booth, parking meter or grocery store line while your kids are watching
  26. Play Mirror, Mirror
  27. Work on a jigsaw puzzle
  28. See how many animals you can spot on a family nature hike
  29. Do a fun run
  30. Make hot chocolate (bonus points for roasting marshmallows in the fireplace)
  31. Sing along to your kids’ favorite Q Wunder song
  32. Go sledding or skiing
  33. Have your kids go through their toys to make room for new and give old ones to charity
  34. Decorate a gingerbread house
  35. Listen to Q’s Wild Ride CD or color in Q’s Coloring Book during holiday travel
  36. Create a time capsule to open in five or ten years
  37. Make music using pots and pans, wooden spoons, shoeboxes and rubber bands
  38. Treat your kids to a day trip to the destination of their choice
  39. Help your kids build a fort
  40. Celebrate a kid-friendly Happy Noon Year with a sparkling cider toast at the stroke of noon on New Year’s Eve

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