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Hey Parents!

Traveling with kids doesn’t have to be scary! Q Wunder’s creator Sofia Dickens reveals 5 new tips for traveling with kids:

1. Teach your kids to enjoy the journey.
The morning of your travel day, talk about how new and interesting each portion of the trip will be, whether it’s the gas station snack stop on a road trip or the rental car shuttle to the airport. Talk about how your kids can play an important role each step of the way. Focusing on the journey itself seems to quench my kids’ “are we there yet” mentality.

2.Sing along with Q Wunder songs!
The Q Wunder app features the Q Wunder playlist, games, the Q Wunder show, music videos and lots of interactive exercises for kids. Parents will love the Q Wunder podcast with high-profile celeb guests.

3. Make travel time family time.
Whether in a car, plane, bus or train, play a game together, like Q’s On-The-Go Pack, asking questions and doing funny challenges to grow closer as a family. Some of your best memories may happen in transit this year!

4. Harness the power of the high-five.
Studies show that children who are rewarded with high-fives do better than kids who receive verbal praise. High-five them for helping push the luggage through the security line, for sharing with a sibling and for jumping into the car promptly when asked.

5. Run them!
We all know kids can both focus and rest better when they’ve expended some physical energy. I like to take my kids to the playground or challenge them to time themselves running laps in the backyard before a long road trip.