EQtainment kids in glasses with Q WunderTurns out all your kid needs to know they can learn in kindergarten: A 20-year study in the American Journal of Public Health has discovered a link between a kindergartener’s social skills and their success as an adult.

Helpful kindergarteners who were good at sharing were found more likely to get a college degree and be employed at 25. Kindergarteners who had issues with sharing, listening and solving conflicts, on the other hand, were found less likely to graduate from high school or college and more likely to have substance-abuse issues and a criminal record.

As EQtainment founder Sofia Dickens told CNN.com, “This study [is] replicating what we already know to be true, which is that [emotional intelligence] has possibly the greatest correlation to school readiness and life success, and that’s why it’s something that we really want to invest in when it comes to raising and growing our kids.”

Parents can help kids work on their emotional and social skills — and have fun while they’re doing it — with the Q Wunder app, the Q’s Race to the Top board game, and the rest of EQtainment’s line of toys and books created to boost kids’ social and emotional skills.

“These skills are very simple, and it’s something that any parent can work on at home, in their living room, in the car, in the grocery store line, while cooking dinner, while eating dinner,” Dickens told CNN.com.

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