If you feel like you’re waiting on your kids hand and foot, it’s time to take a step back — and let your kids step up. After all, when you do everything for them, there’s no motivation for kids to do anything for themselves. In this What’s Up Moms video, Q Wunder creator Sofia Dickens shares her tips on how to stop being a mom servant — and start raising self-sufficient kids.

  1. Make it easy for them to help themselves.

    Instead of being at your children’s beck and call, empower them to do more on their own. For example, put things they frequently ask for, such as water and cups, down low enough so they can easily reach them. If wipes are within reach, they may even clean up their own messes!

  2. Don’t feed them on demand.

    Instead of responding to your kids’ every hunger pang, set regular family snack times and mealtimes — and stick to them. Set out at least one dish you know they like for every meal, and let them know that once the meal is over, the kitchen is closed until the next snack.

  3. Clean up before the next activity.

    If they want to do a puzzle, build a fort, draw a picture, play tag…great, they just have to clean up what they’re doing first. Instant rewards are the best motivators!

Working on getting your kids to do more on their own rather than relying on you for everything? Check out the “Shape Up, Chip In” song and video, available on the Q Wunder app!

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