I just tried to heat my cup of tea…in the oven. It’s the usual 2 am work hour, when productivity is at its peak and clarity is at its all time low. I’m thinking it might be a good idea to fall asleep in my clothes, so when the kids wake up in a few hours, “Ta dah! Mom’s ready to start the day!”

But there was a time long ago when instead of baking my tea in the oven, I had some mental clarity and made -at least one- pretty stellar decision.

Years ago as student at Harvard, I was blown away by scholar Daniel Goleman’s findings that emotional intelligence, or EQ, is the greatest correlate to life success.  Now decades of research have affirmed the game-changing power that comes with managing emotions, controlling impulses, and coping with life’s ups and downs. Before becoming a parent for the first time, I had an epiphany about my parenting- the kind you can only have as a well-rested and clear-headed non-parent. In a world with too much emphasis on IQ and academics, I wanted to center my parenting around emotional intelligence.

But the odds were stacked against me, as our entire education system, obsessed with testing and designed in the era of the industrial revolution, placed too much emphasis on IQ. Likewise, every toy shelf was riddled with left brain IQ toys. So, I spent years researching, developing, and designing a set of tools to make improving emotional intelligence fun and easy.

Welcome to my blog. It’s now our blog, because you’re reading it. And we now share a common goal: to change the way parents parent and teachers teach.