mom and kids playing with EQtainment's Q Wunder appRaising your kid right means more than just helping them with their ABC’s. Even more important? Their EQ, or “you and me’s” — the emotional and social skills that they’ll need in order to thrive when they grow up.

As EQtainment’s founder Sofia Dickens told Red Tricycle, “Everything you want for your kids — healthy relationships, character and a fulfilling career — comes from how well you can develop abilities like impulse control, social awareness, empathy, grit and problem solving. Now is our chance to make small adjustments in their behavior that will have a huge impact in school and later in life.”

That’s why Red Tricycle recently recommended the Q Wunder app and Q’s Race to the Top as important tools to help parents work on these skills with their kids. Take a look at the rest of Red Tricycle’s review to find out more about how Q Wunder, Q’s Race to the Top and EQtainment’s other games and books can help you boost your kid’s emotional intelligence. Plus, get a link to one of the songs featured in the Q Wunder app, “Shape Up Chip In” — a fun, catchy way to inspire your little ones to help out around the house.

Or just download the Q Wunder app and check it out for yourself (and your kids)!

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