Nothing like losing your patience because your kids are having trouble waiting. If you’re tired of hearing your kids complain it’s taking sooooo looooong for the waiter to bring their fries or for you to finish a phone call so you can take them to the park, we get it. Here, Q Wunder creator Sofia Dickens talks to Elle at What’s Up Moms about how to teach kids a little patience.

Practice waiting.

Let kids know early on that waiting is just a part of life. When they ask for something, set a timer to help kids learn what a minute (or five or ten minutes) feels like. You can also play board games like Q’s Race to the Top for a fun way to teach kids about taking turns and learning to wait.


Reward patience.

Sure, patience is a virtue, and virtue is its own reward — but a little something extra for good behavior never hurt. When kids are able to tap into their zen zone instead of losing it while you take them along on an errand, for example, surprise them by picking out  a little treat you think they’d like.


Teach distraction.

Impulse control is all about knowing how to redirect your attention. Help your kids learn to distract themselves by playing games like I Spy and Two Truths and a Lie. Waiting just went from frustrating to fun!


Get more tips on teaching your kids to be patient with this video from the Q Wunder app.

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