This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving — the gift of building your children’s emotional intelligence. Check out our list of favorite EQ toys and games for your list of favorite kids.



  1. Worry Eater, $22.99

Cuddly creature that “eats” your child’s worries — just have your kid write or draw their worries on a slip of paper and feed them to their Worry Eater!

Age: 3+

EQ skills it addresses: Feeling identification, self-confidence, grit, self-control, resilience

Bonus: There are a dozen Worry Eater characters, so you can choose one that’s just right for your kid




2. Q Wunder app$7.99/month or $64.99/year to subscribe

An app designed to boost kids’ emotional intelligence and help parents encourage their progress, including an animated kids’ show, original pop songs and music videos, and educational games for kids, and podcasts, articles and a report card to track each kid’s progress for parents

Age: 3-10

EQ skills it addresses: Feeling recognition, manners, self-motivation, self-awareness, problem-solving, grit, focus, flexibility, empathy/caring, responsibility, friendship, collaboration/cooperation

Bonus: When you subscribe now, you’ll get a free Q Coloring & Activity Book with a month subscription or a free Q-Time Buddy with an annual subscription



3. GoldieBlox Invention Mansion, $59.99

Dollhouse building kit, including a trap door, zipline, balconies, bridges and secret spots

Age: 6-11

EQ skills it addresses: Creative thinking, problem-solving, self-confidence, organization

Bonus: Builds STEM skills




4. Foodstirs Movie Night Kit, $19.99

Baking mix and kit to make vanilla cupcakes with marshmallow “popcorn” topping

Age: 3+

EQ skills it addresses: Collaboration/cooperation, focus, organization

Bonus: Great excuse for treats and family movie night





5. EQtainment Q Toys Bundle, $61.99

All our products designed to foster emotional intelligence, including Q’s Race to the Top board game, Q’s Race to the Top On the Go game, Q’s Wild Ride Read-Along Storybook & CD, Q’s Coloring & Activity Book, and the Q-Time Buddy stuffed animal

Age: 3-10

EQ skills it addresses: Feeling recognition, manners, communication, social skills, creative thinking, balance, coordination

Bonus: Save $20 when you buy the bundle rather than each product individually


boy_story_boy_doll_billy_300x150boy_story_boy_doll_mason_300x1506. Boy Story Action Doll, $99 each

18” action figure meets doll 

Age: 3-8

EQ skills it addresses: Empathy/caring, creative thinking, communication, friendship/camaraderie, collaboration/cooperation

Bonus: Built to be durable, so kids can play with them outside


Rory's Story Cubes


7. Rory’s Story Cubes, $11.99

Cubes with pictures on them — kids roll the “dice” and then make up a story based on the pictures they get

Age: 8+

EQ skills it addresses: Creative thinking, collaboration/cooperation, self-confidence

Bonus: Fun for adults too




8. I Am Elemental Courage Action Figures, $69.99

Female action figures, each based on a virtue, such as honesty, bravery and persistence

Age: 3+

EQ skills it addresses: Grit, honesty, resilience, persistence, motivation, self-awareness, resourcefulness, focus, creative thinking

Bonus: The figures have realistic female bodies


Twigtales Who Am I book

9. Twigtales: Who Am I?, $19.99 for softcover

A personalized children’s book celebrating your child’s interests, relationships and more

Age: 2-8

EQ skills it addresses: Self-confidence, self-awareness, caring

Bonus: A snap to create with the Twigtale template




cloudhappyandsad_300x30010. Kimochi Cloud, $39.99

A plush toy with a reversible head (one side happy, the other side sad) and a pouch full of feelings, including sadness, anger and happiness

Age: 3+

EQ skills it addresses: Feeling identification, self-control, resilience, communication

Bonus: Comes with a 48-page Feeling Guide book